Integrated Application Performance Management Services

Your organization is considering Cold Creek solutions to maximize application performance so your business can be at its best. Fast track the deployment and utilization of your solutions by relying on the performance management expertise of Cold Creek Professional Services. Through best practice design, installation, and technical education services, Cold Creek is prepared to help your organization build efficiencies with monitoring and troubleshooting the performance of critical business applications. Our service offerings are intended to ensure a fast, smooth and successful implementation from the initial planning stage through the build and the optimization phases of your deployment. We aim to help you quickly take advantage of your new capabilities. From initial assessments, planning and scheduling, readiness, migration, testing and troubleshooting, our goal is to help you in any way to meet your application performance management needs.

Converged Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure convergence is not just about technology, but also about increasing your IT organization’s people and process readiness for greater innovation. It breaks down manual processes and technology silos and brings together all IT resources into adaptive pools of assets that are shared by many applications and managed as a service. In effect, the convergence initiative takes your virtualization and consolidation efforts to the next level—laying the foundation for migration to a cloud infrastructure, which helps deliver scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities, as a service, to internal customers. Our consulting and support solutions help you design, implement, and manage a migration to a converged infrastructure. As you transform your computing environment, our consulting, support, and outsourcing services help you adopt a step-by-step approach with planning, design, migration, implementation and management expertise to ensure your success.

Endpoint Security Services

Cold Creek helps to ensure the ongoing stability, performance, and scalability of our endpoint security technologies through formal assessments, solutions design and deployment planning, installation and upgrade services, product deployment and migration assistance, process optimization, managed endpoint protection and ongoing support. These scalable, cost-effective offerings use industry-leading technologies, proven methodologies, and best practices developed by highly experienced professionals.

Examples of Cold Creek Endpoint Security services include the following:

  • Endpoint Protection Services
  • Network Access Control Services
  • Endpoint Security Health Check
  • Managed Endpoint Protection Services
  • Expert Installation Services

Cloud Services For Every Implementation

Organizations have looked to cloud computing to improve competitiveness, recognizing the benefits of improved business agility, simplified businesses processes and reduced time-to- market. Cold Creek’s enterprise-class cloud services rely on an approach for cloud computing that provides on-demand, self-service access to servers, applications and software development platforms. While the benefits of cloud computing are significant, so is the complexity of planning, building and managing a cloud. Enterprises have been slower to adopt cloud computing due to concerns about security, compliance, integration, performance, capital expense requirements, and deployment and operational risks – and the best ways to address them.

By combining a services approach, unique technology and architecture, Cold Creek addresses these apprehensions that typically slow the adoption of cloud computing. Because all of Cold Creek’s Cloud Services are delivered with an integrated set of partner solutions, it’s easier and more cost-effective to move between public, private and hybrid cloud models as the demands of the business change. Cold Creek’s Cloud Services provide an offering for each step of an organization’s journey to cloud computing. Our offerings include enablement, integration, Software as a service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas), Managed Services and Advanced Cloud Services, regardless of private, public or hybrid cloud implementations.