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Privileged account passwords and credentials for domain admin accounts, root accounts, and superuser accounts are the preferred targets for hackers. Exploiting vulnerabilities among endpoints and users, attackers seek to compromise credentials and escalate privilege to get at the “keys to the kingdom.” This allows them to gain access as a trusted user to your most sensitive and critical information and often go undetected for months.

To protect your organization, you need Endpoint and Privileged Access solutions that enable you to address the privileged credential risk continuum across your enterprise.


Privileged Credential: Exposure

Struggling to manage increasing workloads with fewer staff resources, IT administrators frequently rely on default account names and passwords that have never been changed. Even worse, manual spreadsheets that are used to track privileged accounts and passwords are error prone, unreliable, and unsafe. The result is a proliferation of unknown and unmanaged privileged credentials.

Privileged Credential: Creep

Applying privileged credential controls in daily practice can often become too much hassle or too big an obstacle to keeping applications running. This morphs over time into “Privilege Creep” that allows low-level admins or even business users to accumulate dangerously high levels of privilege—putting your entire enterprise at risk.

Privileged Credential: Sharing

Far too many IT departments still share the same privileged superuser/root accounts, service accounts and password credentials even though security policies require employees to rotate passwords and implement multi-factor authentication.

Endpoint Application: Vulnerabilities

Endpoints are the target of choice when it comes to compromising a network. Controlling what applications can run on the network greatly mitigates the risks of threats, such as Ransomware, from crippling your infrastructure.

Privileged accounts and IT Admin rights are all too often unknown, unmanaged, uncontrolled, and unprotected,
leaving your organization exposed to disastrous consequences.


As the global leader of next–generation IT security solutions, Thycotic prevents cyber attacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints, and controlling access..

Thycotic provides an end-to-end security solution that:

Combines industry–leading privileged account security and password protection with proven endpoint security and application control for Windows and Unix.

Dramatically lowers risk by stopping the progress of malware-based attacks at the endpoint and servers, limiting an attacker’s ability to move beyond their initial point of entry, as well as preventing installation of Remote Access Tools (RATs)).

Ensures secure privileged account credential protection while preventing privilege escalation by removing and/or limiting privileges for business users and IT admins without impacting productivity.

Thycotic Secret Server delivers a comprehensive security solution set to protect your most valuable information assets from cyber attacks and insider threats. Thycotic Secret Server, Privilege Manager, Local Security, and Security Analysis solutions protect privileged accounts and enable organizations to enforce least privilege policies for business and administrative users, as well as control applications to reduce the attack surface without halting productivity.

The solution helps organizations revoke everyday local administrator privileges from business users while seamlessly elevating privileges when required by trusted applications. Complementing these privilege controls, the solution also delivers application controls, which are designed to manage and control which applications are permitted to run on endpoints and servers and prevent malicious applications from penetrating the environment.

Unlike any other security offering,, Thycotic products are the fastest to deploy, easiest to use, scalable enterprise-class solutions offered at a competitive price. Already securing privileged account access for more than 7,500 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 enterprises, Thycotic is simply your best value for securing your sensitive infrastructure.

Our IT admins were able to get up to speed within minutes and our control over privileged accounts improved immediately. Because Secret Server helps us manage sensitive credentials across privileged accounts, we no longer face the inefficiencies and security risks that can plague an organization as big as ours.
Michael Boeglin – Director of Global Infrastructure, International Rescue Committee
Michael Boeglin



Secret Server

Available in on-premises, cloud, and free editions. Creates a fundamental security layer managed from a single console to protect against cyber-attacks that use these privileged accounts to strike at the core of the enterprise.

Password Reset Server

Provides simple, self-service password management to free up IT help desk staff form time consuming and inefficient processes and enforces stronger end-user passwords.

Privileged Behavior Analytics

Privileged Behavior Analytics can help IT and Security administrators quickly detect breaches before they happen, analyze distribution of privileged accounts and access across your organization, and add a layer of security to you Secret Server deployment.

Privilege Manager

Provides advanced security to manage application rights with a combination of privilege management, application whitelisting, and real-time application reputation and threat intelligence for both Windows and MAC/OS X endpoints.

Local Security Solution for Windows

Delivers comprehensive endpoint security by managing Windows local group membership for business and admin users and enforcing policies to remove administrator rights from unauthorized accounts.

Group Management Server

Empowers non-IT personnel to securely manage their departments Active Directory groups without assigning them a privileged account.

Security Analysis Solution for Windows

Identifies security configuration issues using Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) profiles and remediates misconfigurations automatically.

Unix Protection

Unix protection enable Secret Server administrators with two additional powerful functions: Unix command whitelisting and SSH Key Management. Command whitelisting ensures admins are limited to a subset of SSH commands in Secret Server sessions. SSH Key Management can protect, rotate and update private/public keypairs keys on corresponding endpoints when necessary.


Simply Secure

Assures multiple layers of built-in security with easy access management for IT admins, robust segregation of role-based duties and military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

Faster & Easier

The software installs in minutes. It is easy and flexible to use so you can get tasks done with minimal effort.

Protected Productivity

Enables seamless elevation of approved applications for users while minimizing the risk of running unauthorized programs.

Readily Customizable

Easy to customize without any need to spend time or money to hire expensive consultants.

Endpoint Enforcement

Automatically enforces policies to ensure membership rights for business and admin users are controlled according to least privileged best practices.

Highly Scalable

Supports large-scale distributed environments, all major OS, DB, applications, hypervisors, network devices and security appliances, both for on premise and cloud.

Always Available

Delivers high availability disaster recovery options, hot backups, database mirroring and our unique unlimited admin mode for “break-the-glass” scenarios.

Auditable Too

Out-of-the-box and customer reports satisfy many security regulations.

Why Thcotic?

Clients choose Thycotic because they specializes in the technologies that control access, secure passwords and protect endpoints.  Privileged account passwords and endpoints are the primary targets of hackers. Unlike others, Thycotic gives you privileged account password protection AND endpoint security that is:

  • Simplest and easiest to manage for IT admins and security staff
  • Highly adaptable and scalable to fit your specific environment
  • Least intrusive and readily accepted by all your users

And Security Professionals and system administrators love Thycotic because Thycoitc helps them meet or exceed their security requirements without adding complexity to their life. Thycotic is so good at what they do that they are the preferred partner for over 7500+ organizations worldwide.

Why Cold Creek Solutions?

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